Hyderabad Airport Informational Guide to Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (HYD) - Non Official

Hyderabad Airport Taxi

Taxi is one of the most comfortable ways to get to the city centre within just 20 minutes.

According to your preferences, you can ride instead an auto rickshaw since it is ideal for short-distance trips and cheaper than taxis. You should take into account that it is less safer and in case of carrying large luggage, maybe is not the most suitable option.


Taxis are available outside the terminal building at the taxi lines.

For Radio Taxi, pick up point is located at the car park level and counters in arrivals.

Taxi companies

Some of the following taxi companies serve Hyderabad Airport and surroundings:

- She Cabs: +91 40 66606093
- PrePaid Taxi: +91 40 66606093

Service 24/7.

prepaid taxi

You can choose to pre-order your taxi. If you are staying in a hotel or in a guest house you may ask them to book a taxi for you. We really recommend this option since it is safe and cheaper than riding a taxi without any reservation. Fares must be paid in advance at the desk in the Arrivals hall before riding a taxi. They are prefixed based on the location.

Please note that some companies do not let book trips in advance, but you can book the trips while in the airport instead.

Ask for more information to each taxi company.


She Cabs provides service for women. And area taxis ride by women too. 


Waiting charges are of Rs 1 per minute.

There is also 25% night surcharge applicable between 11:00 pm to 05:00 am.

The ride from Hyderabad Airport to the city center may cost around Rs 577.

Fares to other popular destinations:
- Secunderabad Railway Station: Rs 778
- Secunderabad Railway Station (from the city centre): Rs 224
*prices may change


Uber and Ola are available in Hyderabad Airport. 

Fares for a one-way ride range from Rs 185-424 (Ola) and Rs 305-349 (Uber).


If you wish to get to your destination safe and sound, you can book a transfer at Hyderabad Airport.